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Salazar Financial House


World class active management, low fees and fiduciary duty.

  • Access world class portfolio managers to give you overall better returns
  • Active Management of your resources means better care of your money
  • Fiduciary duties mean your best interest, not the company’s, is at the forefront of every suggested investment
  • Clarity regarding management fees which are often much lower than you already pay
  • A variety of portfolio managers with different strategies to choose and diversify risk
  • Complete individual needs analysis to create a portfolio that follows your unique profile
Salazar Financial House


True diversification, no fees and no economic roller-coaster rides.

  • Invest with registered money outside of the stock exchange, such as real estate and private equities
  • Achieve true diversification by investing inside and outside the stock exchange
  • Private investments offer a stability of returns not available with the stock exchange
  • Private investments carry no fees to the investor, eliminating capital erosion and true growth
  • Large pensions and endowment funds diversify their assets between public and private markets; you should too!
Salazar Financial House


Life, accident & sickness, disability, segregated funds, business & group insurance.

  • As a brokerage, we can access a wide range of insurers. Allow us to shop the best deal for your needs
  • Protect your legacy from life’s events with affordable insurance
  • Use insurance products as an important part for your financial, investing & estate planning
  • Business insurance for group and self-employed needs, never too big or too small
Salazar Financial House


Partnering with us means having a personal financial manager attentive to your individual needs.

  • Build a close relationship with your financial professional who is always available to you
  • Quick and easy to understand solutions means you will never be left guessing
  • Eliminate the intimidation of the financial world by accessing a wealth of knowledge and experience
  • We are always here to help as you continue to grow, evolve, expand and downsize
Salazar Financial House


Life can be busy. Better manage your life by taking control of your money.

  • With knowledge and experience, we can help you get out of debt sooner
  • Better results happen when we have someone in our corner to help guide us
  • A complete and exhaustive financial mapping to uncover opportunities and threats
  • Arrange your financial life so that income and expenses are better managed automatically
Salazar Financial House


The world keeps changing, so we keep learning. Together.

  • We are on a mission to eliminate financial bewilderment
  • Free access to world class financial education at your fingertips and easy to understand
  • Join our community of financial literacy with continuous education
  • Education is the best line of defense against mistakes and mismanagement
  • Take back control of your finances as your financial acumen increases