Our Philosophy

Helping you manage your money.

Securing your financial peace of mind

To provide Responsible, Caring & Individualized counsel that respects your family’s interest first & foremost by exploring your unique needs, goals and dreams. To empower you with the best planning options and strategies by reducing fees, decreasing risk and increasing returns to realize a stress free and secure financial journey.

Salazar Financial House



Education is your best tool towards creating a plan that fits you and your family’s goals, and the best line of defense against mistakes.


You must understand your financial capacity and invest accordingly, with sustainability in mind. This is not a sprint, it is a marathon!


A plan is not just about a great execution, the key is in the follow up.

4 step strategy

 1. Plan Now
By reducing and eliminating fees, increasing returns through proper diversification of your portfolio and greatly reducing risk, your future dreams will soon become a reality.

Your future begins with us; let’s get started!

2. Reduce Fees
What fees are you currently being charged? When the average financial institution charges between 2-4%, these fees can easily erode upwards of 30% of your returns!

Stop heavy fees from slowing you down! Reducing fees or eliminating them all together is the first step to better financial returns.

3. Maximize Returns
We focus on maximizing return opportunities for our clients. A great way to accomplish this is by expanding your portfolio between both the public and private markets.

To date, institutions like Canada Pension Plan (CPP) have invested over 50% of their funds into the private market. With these numbers, ask yourself: if the government is investing half of my retirement money in the exempt market, why aren’t I?

4. Manage Risk

Your family’s future shouldn’t be at risk to the rise and fall of the unpredictable world affairs affecting the stock exchange.

We believe in achieving true diversification by spreading your eggs between two separate independent baskets (public-private), thereby relieving much of the risk and anxiety of depending entirely on one fluctuating market.